Month: September 2012

Hey Guys!


Here we are! We made it… EPISODE 2…

Can you believe it? It seems just like last month we were on Episode 1.

Wait a minute!!! Oh Josh, You and your silly antics…

Alright! So, this episode is a very cool episode. I have to say that I was truly excited when my next guest agreed to be on the show. Here is the thing – Doug Lebow is the real deal. Yes, he is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist but guess what…he makes his living as a songwriter.

That’s right! The man every single day writes songs in some form or another and gets paid the big bucks to do it. Just goes to show you that there IS gold in them there hills.

I sit down with him on this episode and talk about how he got to where he is, how he does what he does and how THE MUSE IS NEVER LATE.

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