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Hey Guys!

Welcome to Episode 15! (Episode 5 | Series 2)

I’m not saying that I don’t have fun with every episode but the fun part about this episode is that this guest, I have actually had the pleasure of meeting in person and working with. I mixed live sound for her and her husband a little while back when they were performing as their band, 4 STORIES HIGH.

But since then my guest has gone solo and just recently released a BRAND NEW ALBUM, Everything in Between. It is awesome album! Beginning to end!

My guest for Episode 15 is the incredible and oh-so beautiful person (inside and out), Laura Berman.Laura Berman promotional photo

Laura is a session singer as well as a touring singer/songwriter, and was a featured vocalist in the children’s feature film release, “Clifford’s Really Big Movie” and accompanying Soundtrack. Pretty cool stuff, right?!

I got to chat with her over Skype and we talk about it all. Her process of songwriting. The things that she has learned. We even talked about her journey as a Positive Music Artist and what led her into the New Thought world.

My own take-away? PATIENCE, SONGWRITER!

I know the old saying is that “Patience is a Virtue” but I would like to add a little bit that I heard only recently – – – “Patience is a Virtue…but the waiting sucks!” – – – I’m like a little kid sometimes when I am working on my music. I want things to happen right this minute. I won’t sit here and lie to you and tell you that I haven’t had to be put on a time-out after having a little baby temper tantrum when things don’t happen right away.

Sometimes, we need to sit back and enjoy the ride. Allow the process. Another cliche that I like to quote a lot (but may not always heed the advice of) is that sometimes we can’t step back far enough to see the whole forest (I’m paraphrasing here). We can’t always see why something is happening or why something is taking it’s sweet time to happen. Like, for instance, a song! Perhaps there is a greater good in play when a song is taking a little longer to be written. Perhaps we need to step back and let it unfold. Perhaps we need to allow it to be the best song it can be and just get out of the way. Days later, months later, maybe even years later, we will look back and think, “Man, I am so glad that that took it’s time.”

I have a song right now that I have literally been working on for a couple of years. I write a little here and there. I have a strong feeling it is one of my most personal and probably one of the best songs I have ever written. Come on song! Hurry up!!!

Life unfolds perfectly. That’s it. Not so simple sometimes to accept but still. The truth is there.

As always, I truly love recording these episodes because every time I do, I learn something new. It’s more for me than it is for you.

Ha! Sorry!


You can check out Laura’s website –

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Also, all of Laura’s music is available HERE on iTUNES.

Purchase the song “Lift Off” that was featured on the episode HERE.

Purchase Laura’s BRAND NEW album, EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN  here on iTunes.




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