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Welcome to Episode 16! (Episode 1 | Series 3)

Okay! ANNNNNNND we’re back! New logo. New news. The winds of change they are a blowin’….

It has been a long time since I have done an episode but I promise that I have a legitimate reason. I was finishing up the process of producing my very first album, RISE IN LOVE. If you are a listener and you gave to my Kickstarter campaign, thank you! The campaign was a major success at 110% funded. I am very proud of this album and look forward to the process of the next one. Woo!






Back to the reason that we are all here!

I am very excited about this guest! I know I say that every guest but hey this one is pretty awesome!

I found him via not his music but a blog that he does called Ari’s Take. It is a truly informative blog on the music business and I have picked up some major bits of information on this thing called the music business. He really cuts to the chase and gives you the truth. Sometime it might be hard to swallow but this guys knows his stuff. This is a great source for all those DIY musicians out there. I use the blog as a constant reference for information. “I don’t know the answer to that question…I’ll go check Ari’s Take.”

Here is the deal – not only is he an incredibly knowledgable guy but he is also an incredible musician. He does something that is pretty unique and fun to see—LOOPING.

Ari Herstand Promo 2013

BUT that’s not what we are here to talk about. Ari has some incredible songs and has been placed in all sorts of cool stuff!

My guest for Episode 16 is the oh-so awesome and truly talented, ARI HERSTAND.

I got to chat with him over Skype and we talk about it all. His process of writing a song, the beginning of his career, the journey of picking up the guitar to get chicks (um…I mean to make music and express himself), a little bit about the music business and so much more.

My own take-away? Stop trying to make music to make it big or for some higher-ups somewhere in a magical tower in the land of music business.

Sometimes I feel like there is a trap that comes with creating music…of course, it is a valid desire to want to “make it big” in the biz but that isn’t the point. Making music is a service to us all. It is this gift that some of us have—so, why squander it on trying to please others. It gets polluted with ego and so many other things that don’t matter. It can be real easy to lose sight of making music that matters when there are so many people out there doing it. Focus on the craft and make really good stuff. Keep taking the steps to follow your dream. If you mean it and you keep to it – I believe it is bound to happen for you. To sum it up in a big cheesy cliche: DON’T LET THE MAN BRING YOU DOWN! Make music that matters to you, which will, more often than not, matter to others.

As the great Billy Joel said, “I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”

As always, I truly love recording these episodes because every time I do, I learn something new. It’s more for me than it is for you.


You can check out Ari’s website – http://ariherstand.com/

Check out his blog that I talked about, ARI’S TAKE here – http://aristake.com/

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Also, all of Ari’s music is available HERE on iTUNES.

Purchase the song “Maybe” that was featured on the episode HERE.

Purchase Ari’s BRAND NEW album, BRAVE ENOUGH here on iTunes.

 Brave Enough


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