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Welcome to Episode 18! (Episode 3 | Series 3)

Okay! So – this episode is one that has been in the making for a long time now. When I first started this show, I always had it in my mind that I would have this guest on. In fact, off the air, most of my guests would ask, “Are you going to have her on the show? You really need to get her!” And so it is.

It took me a little while due to timing and scheduling but we did it. Out of the respect that I feel for this person and what she has done and the impact that she makes, I am going to copy and paste her biography from her media kit—-

Very few people can say that they have been a singing mermaid, a singing casket, and was literally “elevator music” when she was hired to sing and play piano in a moving elevator. My guest for this episode is one of the most well-known and one of the most respected positive artists out there – KAREN DRUCKER.karen_3_300dpi

Karen has recorded 15 CDs of her original inspirational music, and is the author of an inspirational book, “Let Go of the Shore: Stories and Songs That Set the Spirit Free.” Among her many accomplishments, she has been a professional comedienne, led her own band for corporate events, and has been the music director of New Thought Churches, as well as music director and “ music weaver” for many spiritual conferences and retreats. Karen has been honored with an Honorary Doctorate of Music for her work within the Religious Science Community, and a “Grace Note” award for her work within the Unity Movement.

In following her passion, Karen sings, speaks and leads workshops at women’s retreats, mind-body & health conferences, and various churches around the country, as well as working with authors like Joan Borysenko, Alan Cohen, and many others.

Karen Drucker has been called “a master of communicating presence and spirituality through music.” She loves making music, making a difference, and touching hearts.

I was blessed to have the opportunity to sit down and talk with Karen via Skype. As usual, we get into everything about the guest. We talked about her start as a musician with a very special piano to her swimming career to so many different things that she does. As fate would have it – some of my questions are questions that she asks of the people that participate in her retreats. It’s always fun to get to ask questions that make a guest think.

My favorite take-away for this episode? You don’t have to be perfect.

This has come up a few times over the course of this show. Several guests have brought up this point but what I love about this time through is that, yes, you are an artist – you are a musician. You are also a person! As a person and in all the titles that you carry – whether it be an artist, a mom, a husband, a fill-in-the-blank here – you don’t have to be perfect. You are doing the best that you can. Don’t worry what others think. Do what is right for you. I know that I get caught up in the perfectionist game all the time. I want to be perfect. I am learning and learning and learning more that lesson every to just let it go. Do the very best that you can in the moment. Let yourself off the hook if you don’t meet some sort of expectation you have in your mind. Life is a black and white affair – there is a lot of grey area. It doesn’t have to be this or that in order to qualify as a good song or make you a success. Just do. Allow your flow. Allow yourself to be you without getting wrapped up in what others MIGHT think.

Now I just need to get that tattooed on my heart so I constantly remember it. Even with this show, I sometimes get wrapped up in the question – AM I DOING IT RIGHT? Is this a good show? Do people like it? Are people getting something out of this brain child that I thought would be a fun idea?

Who cares?! Just create. Keep on truckin’!

As always, I truly love recording these episodes because every time I do, I learn something new. It’s more for me than it is for you.


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