Episode 11: Kelly Corsino – “Let It Be”

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Welcome to Episode 11!  AKA Episode 1 of Series 2. Can you believe it? NTNS has been going for a year. Well, almost a year. August 29th will be the official year anniversary. Thank you so much for listening and being here on the journey. On with the episode!

A couple years ago, I got the opportunity to see this guest perform at The NoHo Arts Center for New Thought. After that, I started to hear about her all over the place. Eventually, through lots of emails, I got to know her. She has been a huge support of my career, including making taking a long drive to see my very first live performance. WHAT?! Yeah, she is that awesome!

So, not only is she an amazing person but an incredible artist and songwriter.

She is a winner of two LA Music Awards; Best New Artist and Best Vocalist, and  has three Posi Award Nominations.

Right from the first note, her voice crawls into the depths of your soul and tears it open. Wow, kind of dramatic BUT it’s true. She has one of the most stunning voices.

She is the uh-mazing Kelly Corsino.

I got talk with Kelly in NTNS Studios and we talk about it all. Growing up in Music – Her process of songwriting – Her new album (“Let Love In”) and so much more.

My own take-away? Tell yourself “Good Job” – give yourself a pat on the back – see your value. YOU ARE AWESOME!

We all need a moment where we give ourselves a pat on the back and allow ourselves to love ourselves and support ourselves fully and deeply. Especially as artist, when sometimes you can easily fall into the “Your Own Worst Critic” slump.

As always, I truly love recording these episodes because every time I do, I learn something new. It’s more for me than it is for you.

Ha! Sorry!


You can check out Kelly’s website –

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Also, all of Kelly’s music is available HERE on iTUNES.

Purchase the song “Within” that was featured on the episode HERE.

Also, Kelly’s Music Video for the Song “Within” was nominated for a Posi Award – please click HERE and follow the directions to vote for her.

Purchase Kelly’s album, WITHIN here on iTunes. What?! It’s less than $9 – GET IT! 🙂


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