Episode 12: Gary Lynn Floyd – “Right Place, Right Time, Right Now”

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Welcome to Episode 12! (Episode 2 | Series 2)

In the last episode’s post, I mentioned that it has almost been a year since the first episode was posted. Well…it’s been a year! Boom! How cool is that?!

On with the episode!

This guest has been in the grapevine of my life for the past year or so – heard about him here and there – almost met him when I was visiting the Center for Spiritual Living, Dallas but he was out of town that weekend. BUT recently, he moved to Los Angeles – so, now I get to see him all the time at The Global Truth Center as he is involved with the music team there.

He has been nominated for 3 Out Music Awards and won the 2012 Hollywood Music in Media award for Best Adult Contemporary Song for his song “Unbound,” which we talk about in the episode.

Not only is he an award winning artist but he is also an award winning actor. He has been in plays and on TV all over the place, including CW’s television series, TroubadourTX. An all around talented guy!

He is the incredibly wonderful, inspiring, loving and authentic, Gary Lynn Floyd (AKA The Other  Gary Floyd)

I got the opportunity to talk with Gary in NTNS Studios and we talk about it all. Growing up in gospel music – his process of songwriting – the other other Gary Floyd – his journey through music and the importance of being present for the songs.

My own take-away? State planted in the present moment. Life is a series of events moment by moment – sometimes the past weighs on us and sometimes the hopes or worries of the future weigh on us more. It’s time to be present in the NOW. That is where the power lies. We change anything.

Our songs are a something that connect us to the current moment. When we are writing them, it often based on where we are in that moment. When we listen  (or others listen to them) they will have a different impact in those moments. Being present for everything in the current moment allows us to be truly satiated by life. Let it flow through you as it unfolds.

As always, I truly love recording these episodes because every time I do, I learn something new. It’s more for me than it is for you.

Ha! Sorry!


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